The physical benefits of trampoline jumping

Wednesday 26 October

Irrespective of age, the health benefits of trampoline jumping are second to none. You won’t find a better form of exercise to ward against the myriad health issues associated with inactivity – and what’s better is that jumping around won’t feel like exercise at all! Install a trampoline and rally your pals (or kids) for a session, and you’re guaranteed to be on your way to improved physical health. If you need further convincing, we’ve compiled some of the leading benefits of jump below.


Up your fitness levels

Even athletes struggle to continually enhance their fitness levels – and it’s invariably because they’re not incorporating the requisite variety into their workouts. If you’ve been stuck in a rut with your exercise, too, then investing in a trampoline may be just the cardio kick-start that you need to get you on the way to your fitness goals. Rebounding on a trampoline burns as many calories as jogging, and can be a fantastic alternative to traditional methods of cardio exercise for those who’ve always hated fitness bikes and treadmills.


Muscle where it matters

Many exercises support the building of muscle mass, but not all of them are as beneficial for the back and spine as a good session of rebounding on the trampoline. Replace those joint-stressing weight exercises that you may be doing in the gym with a regular bout of trampoline jumping, and reap the benefits of a stronger back and stomach. Particularly if you’re hunched over a computer at work all day, trampolines can prove a great corrective for poor posture.


Lift your lymphatics

It sounds kooky, but it’s scientifically-backed: when your body sheds the dross of gravity with a jump on the trampoline, and you achieve higher-than-normal G-forces, the lymphatic system is stimulated into action. This means that gravity forces toxin flow to move further up and out of the lymphatic system, clearing your body of nasties. You can think of the trampoline as an effective toxin-flusher.


Ensure your bones

Kinaesthetic scientists have demonstrated that the best way to strengthen bones is to exercise in a manner which continually (but safely) stresses your musculoskeletal system. Trampoline jumping fits exactly this prescription, its continual motion of landing sure to strengthen your entire body all the way from the toes to the neck. And don’t worry about what this small repeated “stress” means for your joints – that impact is absorbed in your landing so your bones won’t suffer.


Let go of any stress

Some people go to yoga for stress relief; others punch boxing bags. Neither of these activities, however, are as fun – not to mention as beneficial for the body – as jumping on a trampoline. The physical exercise stimulates the release of vital endorphins to combat high cortisol, while the continual action is sure to take your mind off of any immediate worries. Once you’ve installed your trampoline, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your home boasts a stress-release zone right in the backyard.

The physical benefits of trampoline jumping