Why should I purchase a Jumpflex Trampoline over other trampoline models?

JumpFlex is an Australian company with a focus to create a safe, well made trampoline. The safety pad which covers the frame and springs use dense foam inserts and UV resistant high quality vinyl. The PVC vinyl is similar to that is used on the large inflatable yellow duck which travelled the world. The netting is 100% woven polyester that completely seals to the jump mat, creating an enclosed jumping area. The netting is long lasting and durable. All the metal framing is galvanised to ensure a long lasting rust resistant finish. Our solid 2mm T joint frame assembly creates a strong stable base for the extension springs to produces a smooth deep bounce for maximum air time. If looked after a JumpFlex trampoline will happily last for many years.

Where are JumpFlex™ trampolines made?

JumpFlex trampolines are designed and engineered locally. JumpFlex trampolines are the result of a team of diverse individuals from a multitude of backgrounds.
JumpFlex™ has partnered with a father son company outside of Hong Kong who have 30 years of experience in the outdoor textile industry. Their skill and experience has been paramount in the production of the JumpFlex™ safety net, which is made from highly durable single weave 100% polyester. Our trampoline is produced and knitted together in our purpose built factory in China to supply our Australia logistic warehouses.

What size JumpFlex™ trampoline should I get?

It comes down a few factors..
a) How much space do you have for a trampoline?
b) Who will be bouncing on the trampoline.

Our Classic 100 model is perfect for young bouncers and small sections. However if you have the space and want to push the limits with some aerial tricks then our larger model trampolines will be a better fit. Our Classic 120 is our most popular sized trampoline having more space to learn and develop skills. If you have the space then our massive Classic 140 is great size trampoline for multiple jumpers and big tricks.

There is a detailed specifications list on the Trampoline page so that you can calculate how much space you will need.

How good are the Safety nets and how long is the warranty?

Our nets are UV protected and designed to last at least 7+ years, we know our nets can last this long because of the accelerated UV exposure testing we put the design through. Most trampoline nets are not designed for our conditions and I am sure you will have seen trampolines in people's yards with ripped and shredded nets.

Our 3 year net warranty is the best on the market and cover faults which have occurred because of a manufacturing error, not natural wear and tear. If a manufacturing fault has occurred then it is visible within the first year, with the exception of the frame which has a longer warranty period.

Is it difficult to assemble?

Assembly is quite straightforward, we have a detailed instructions manual and video explaining step by step how to set up the trampoline and accessories . Approximate installation time is 1 – 2 hours. It is much easier and faster if two people assemble the trampoline, but it can certainly be assembled by one person.
There are no heavy items to lift which means people of most capability are able to assembly the trampoline

Is the trampoline hard to move once assembled?

The Trampoline when set up can be fairly easily slid on the grass, for example the Classic140 our largest trampoline can be moved by one moderately strong adult.

How long does it take to assemble?

Approximate assembly time is 1 – 2 hours. It is much easier and faster if two people assemble the trampoline, but it can certainly be assembled by one person.​ All the tools required to assemble are provided and a basic level of assembly skill needed to undertake the assembly

Can I pay someone to assemble my trampoline?

We recommend Flatpack Assembly Services

Just call 1300 Flatpack or email sales@flatpackassemblyservices.com.au to make an enquiry and book a time.

What is the bounce like?

We use high tensile extension springs on our trampolines, combined with solid 2mm T joint assembly, creates a strong stable base to produces a smooth deep bounce for maximum air time. Ideal for young to older jumpers of weights between 20kg - 90kg.

Will the springs rust?

No the springs will not rust. All springs are treated with a heavy duty Zinc protection which seals the sprung metal of the spring from any corrosion.

Can I use my JumpFlex™ trampoline on concrete?

Yes our trampolines can be used on concrete, all our trampolines are supplied with plastic caps that clip to the bottom of the trampoline feet and protect the frame from direct contact with the concrete.

Can I still have a trampoline if my section is sloping?

You can get away with a slight slope, around 5-10 degrees. Anything steeper than this will be uncomfortable to jump on. You can block up the lower legs of the trampoline using timber blocks or the upper legs can be dug into the ground to level the trampoline.

What is the weight rating of JumpFlex™ trampolines?

For optimal bounce, we recommend a jumping weight between 20kg - 90kg. Our trampoline frame, springs and jumping mat have been tested to easily withstand 250kg for our Classic 120 and Classic 140, Our Classic 100 and Classic 80 has a 150kg maximum tested user weight limit

What is included with a standard JumpFlex™ trampoline?

The standard trampoline includes;
I. The complete trampoline (Pads, Jumping Mat, Safety Net, Springs, Frame)
II. The Ladder
Items that are not included are our accessories items, for example, The Projam, JumpSlide, AquaJet, Anchor Kit etc

Can I buy a JumpFlex™ trampoline without the net?

Safety is a big focus here at JumpFlex™ and the net is an important factor in the overall safety of the trampoline. The trampoline cannot be purchased without the safety net.

Can I pick up my JumpFlex™ trampoline?

Pickup is available from our warehouse house from 10am -4pm Monday - Friday:

ABN: 13 162 760 803

Can I order parts?

Yes we stock a complete part breakdown of our Trampolines and Accessories. This means should anything happen to your JumpFlex™ products we are able to supply the various components of the product to get it back like new. Simply get in touch and we can assist you with any part replacement needs.

Do you sell replacement parts for other trampoline brands?

We only stock parts for our JumpFlex™ trampoline as we manufacture and produce our products only. Some parts may be compatible with other models.
For example the JumpFlex Flex-100 Jumping mat is 2.65m in Diameter with 64 springs.
Examine your trampoline specifications and match them against JumpFlex trampolines and you may find some similarity!

Can I hit the springs and or frame when jumping/crashing into the Safety net?

The net is attached to the jumping mat in a way that the jumping area is completely sealed, eliminating the ability to get to the springs. The safety net is under tension so that in the case of a crash it slows the jumper down and pushes them back into the jumping space. The springs and frame are protected with high density two-inch foam, this greatly reduces impact forces and any potential injury. In the unlikely event that the jumper is heavy enough and jumps/crashes hard enough into the net they can come into contact with the springs and/or frame area.

If I jump against the net will I hit the poles?

The safety net is under tension so that in the case of a crash it slows the jumper down and pushes them back into the jumping space. Though if you weigh more than (approx) 40kg and jump hard enough into the net you can hit the safety net poles. The poles are wrapped in a high density foam sleeve which protects any serious injury from occurring.

How is your net better than other trampoline models and how long are they expected to last?

Jumpflex Trampolines use our uniquely developed SafeSeal™ technology. The net is attached to jumping mat in a way that the jumping area is completely sealed, eliminating the ability to get to the springs.
All netting is made from highly durable single weave 100% polyester, making the safety nets highly durable against UV exposure and the weather.
The Netting will easily last 7+ years (depending on how it is used and maintained).

How many people at once can be jumping on a JumpFlex™ trampoline?

JumpFlex™ trampolines strictly recommend that only one person jump on the trampoline at any one time. This is due to the large majority of trampoline injuries occurring from people colliding into one another when jumping at the same time.

How much space do I need?

We recommend you have a minimum of 1 m additional clearance around your trampoline. So take the diameter of the Jumpflex model and add an additional 1m. This is how much space you need.
We also recommend 8m of clearance above your Jumpflex trampoline

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