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  • Awesome Tramp (Flex-100) rating5.png

    • Kids loved the tramp and so do we. Fits in beautifully with the garden, the colours blend really well. Great bounce. We have already has a lot of compliments on it. Our girls are older and its still great. Quality was really good compared to our last one so very impressed so far.
    • Lara
  • Happy Jumpflex Owner (Flex-120) rating5.png

    • So we finally became home owners with a huge back yard & were very excited about being able to finally buy our 3 year old a trampoline. I grew up with a fantastic tramp that got years of use so wanted to ensure we also purchased one that would last the years of use they get but must have a good bounce! Jumpflex seemed to come out tops when comparing trampolines for quality, safety, price & style! The tramp turned up promptly in time for our sons 3rd birthday & it turned out to be a hit with all the children! We got so many comments & one friend has just placed their order for Christmas for their kids :) We did have a fault with the net but Jumpflex sorted everything & we are more than happy with the service. My son & his parents have fun everyday on it & it truly does have a great bounce. Things I'd rate highly about it would be the superb bounce it has, the sturdy net which does push you back towards the middle & the sturdy overall construction. My husband assembled the tramp on his own, due to myself looking after a newborn baby. It was a big job (about 4 hours) but well worth it. Looking forward to summer so we can enjoy the AquaJet sprinkler we also purchased. Well done Jumpflex
    • Cassandra
  • Totally awesome! (Flex-140) rating5.png

    • We got a Flex-140 a couple of weeks ago. We absolutely love it. The bounce is amazing! And it is as safe as a tramp can be. Our boys 9 & 11 are bouncing for hours, often with the AquaJet shower head on if it's hot, heaps off extra fun! My two year old girl is loving it! Customer service was excellent, delivery quick, we could not be happier. So glad we did not go for one of those cheaply made flimsy ones. I know this will last for many years. Cheers Jumpflex!!! Have already recommended to loads of people, and will keep doing that!
    • Melanie
  • Love the tramp! (Flex-100) rating5.png

    • After searching online for sometime I was so pleased to see such a high quality trampoline for a reasonable price. When we received the tramp we weren't disappointed! It's the perfect size for my preschoolers and our small section. It is solid and safe. The kids are outside so much more now and absolutely love it.
    • Erin
  • Awesome tramp for smaller spaces (Flex-100) rating5.png

    • Thanks for our Flex-100. It was delivered very quickly and put together by two in less than an hour. It's just the right size for the tiny space we had available, and for our 3 year old. Should last her and little sis for quite a few years to come. Cheers!
  • Great bounce from a compact tramp (Flex-100) rating4.png

    • Flex-100 City was a replacement for our previous department store el-cheapo 10ft tramp that had deteriorated in sunlight in less than 4 years (mat ripping on the el-cheapo was last straw so we purchased Flex-100). Delivery was exceptionally fast within 3 days. Assembly by one adult and one 'little helper' was done in 90mins. Assembly instructions were very clear with photos for each step. As an investment in added peace and quiet, we used petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to grease all joints in component parts of frame and spring hooks to hopefully minimise any long term squeaks. Our old tramp was riddled with annoying squeaks so using Vaseline was just our own proactive precautionary initiative at time of assembly learnt from previous experience with our el-cheapo.
      Quality of the Flex-100 bounce is great for kids - even for one adult. Bounce is soft and springy. Much better than our previous el-cheapo 10ft tramp. To prospecitve buyers, be aware that the design of safety net does mean about 1ft of clear bounce area is lost to curvature of net over the edges of the mat - not much really.
      Our family is now looking forwards to years of enjoyment out of our new Flex-100 City.
    • Gavin
  • Solid build (Flex-120) rating5.png

    • Just bought a tramp for our 3 year old and he loves it. Very impressed with the solid build. And good to know it will last our son for years rather than buying a cheapie which will not last.
    • Steve
  • But will she use it? (Flex-120) rating5.png

    • Our 14 year old hasn't had a day where she hasn't been on her birthday trampoline. Fantastic buy - no regrets.
    • Nicola
  • Awesome (Flex-120) rating5.png

    • The trampoline is very well made and feels really solid. Could not be happier with it and value for money can not be beaten!!
    • Peter
  • Very well designed and built Tramp (Flex-120) rating5.png

    • We have been shopping around for a trampoline for a few days and decided to go with the JumpFlex trampoline because of it's design with its net, weight rating, and price and our 3 year old daughter and she loves it. Only problem we have is trying to get her off it. If you are worried about safety and the weight rating this tramp handles a fully grown adult weighing 115Kg trying to doing Flips (....until he fumbled and crashed into the net). Highly recommended!!!
  • Fabulous tramp! (Flex-120) rating5.png

    • We absolutely love our new trampoline even if it does take up half our Auckland backyard! It is just so much fun! The girls and I bounce on it every single day :) Its the best spring trampoline we have found, super strong and safe and whats more great value for money. Thanks so much Jumpflex I have been recommending you to all our friends. Just so pleased.
    • Sarah
  • One very happy 4 year old (Flex-120) rating5.png

    • We have one very happy 4 year old who wants to spend all his time bouncing! Wished we'd bought one a few years ago.
  • Awesome Tramp (Flex-120) rating5.png

    • Such an awesome tramp!!!....Easy to put together and great value for money. Safe, Sturdy and well made. Our little girl just loves it and the safety net gives us peace of mind that she will come to no harm. :-D
  • First tramp for son and daughters birthday (Flex-120) rating5.png

    • I have been researching tramps for a while but saw the most fabulous tramp in someone's front yard. After driving past a few times hoping to see an adult, my husband also noticed the same tramp and he asked the Mum where she brought it. It was a Jumpflex tramp, with the slide and summer sprinkler. We went online and ordered the same one, the ordering and shipping was so easy and putting it together was not too bad. The kids LOVE it and we are looking forward to when they are old enough, adding the basketball hoop too. The added bonus that we were thrilled about was that its a 100% NZ product. Many thanks Jumpflex
    • Kirsty
  • Man it's good! (Flex-120) rating5.png

    • We just SO love this trampoline. After experiencing many of our friend's tramps which feel so flimsy, we are super thrilled with our Jumpflex, which feels sturdy, well built and durable - even with crazy parents bouncing on it with the kids! Great value too compared to another overpriced tramp on the market. The kids adore it, and everyone who comes around comments on how it looks like a great tramp, and where did we get it!
    • Liz
  • First trampoline for my boys (Flex-120) rating5.png

    • I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old. They have been begging for a trampoline for years now I just never had the space for one but we recently moved house and now we have the room. As soon as I knew I could now get a trampoline I started researching and researching trying to find the right balance between safety, features and price. JumpFlex came out tops in all three. I am so happy with the trampoline as are my children. It was fairly easy to set up although it definitely needed some muscle power for some parts. The kids are in love with it as am I. I couldn't recommend JumpFlex highly enough! :)
    • Jess
  • Our First Trampoline :) (Flex-120)  rating5.png

    • Our daughter was asking for a trampoline for months, we researched several trampolines and after comparing features we concluded Jumpflex was the way to go. We have had it set up for a while now and our daughter is loving it. Overall we are very pleased.
    • Happy Mum
  • Above expectations (Flex-140) rating5.png

    • I had done a lot of research regarding the right trampoline for my family. I have 2 sons, 1 of whom is special needs, so safety was my number one concern. There are plenty of tramps on the market, including a spring free option which boasts a very impressive safety rating. The price tag of that tramp however, I feel did not justify the purchase considering the actual 'springyness' of that tramp was considerably less than that of the Jumpflex. So after consulting with the experts at both companies we decided on the Jumpflex Flex-140. Their design, with the curved safety net poles and fully weaved net base, gave me total assurance that my boys would have great fun without the fear of them connecting body parts to solid 'break bone' components. So, I purchased the tramp online and was immediately impressed, firstly with the great customer service and awesome deal I received. Secondly I live in a rural delivery area so I was absolutely thrilled when the trampoline arrived in perfect condition on only the second day after purchase. Thirdly, everything is incredibly well packaged, the instructions were easy to follow and my 8 year old son and I had the tramp erected in about 3 hours. After it was up we stood back and admired it. A very smart looking design, only time will tell regarding the longevity, but by the look of the components I am expecting many years. Lastly, the Flex-140 is quite a monster, larger than I was expecting, so if you are after a big one than this is it. We are lucky to have a big back yard, but for a medium sized yard you may want to consider the Flex-120. Hope this review helps you out.
      Cheers Jumpflex!
    • Rhys
  • Awesome tramp awesome service (Flex-140) rating5.png

    • Really pleased with our purchase - seems to be a good quality strong safe tramp and the over night delivery was very impressive. Would highly recommend :)
  • Great value, good quality! (Flex-140) rating4.png

    • Firstly, staff were great with communication and quick delivery. The kids LOVE the trampoline and accessories we ordered with it... was quite simple to assemble too! A great purchase and will recommend to others.
    • Debbie
  • Excellent trampoline, realiable company (Flex-140) rating4.png

    • Came across the Jumpflex website, when googling trampolines. The Jumpflex trampoline included everything we wanted for a whole lot less than other trampolines!! We are really happy with the product and can't believe how quickly it arrived. Love how they have thought of the little things to.. making the pad green where you get in so you don't burn your feet. Wouldn't hesitate (and already have) suggested Jumpflex Trampolines to others.
    • Victoria
  • Very happy (Flex-140) rating4.png

    • The netting on this tramp really 'sold us'. Most other tramps seem to have more mesh type netting that doesn't last and gets wind-swept. Time will tell for this, but really like it so far. Tramp overall seems strong and good for the price in comparison to other brands (more expensive and cheaper). Like that the net is on the inside of springs.
      Good customer service.


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